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   Astronomy has long been a favorite past time and so I have published my past articles online. Below you can select an article month and click GO to get that month's article. These articles were published in the Lake Martin Living, a local magazine in Alexander City, Al.

     Recently I create a new blog so I can discuss different photos I take and what my thoughts were at the time of the photograph. Take a look at Scott's Digital Photography Blog on Blogspot. 

 Scott's Digital Photography Blog -

    I have published six photography books. The most recent one is call Painted Forest. It contains fine art blurry, impressionistic images. Click on the book below to find out more.

Another book is on the Redwood Trees. These trees are the tallest in the world. You can see some of my photos from that trip by going to the Gallery section to get an idea of what the Redwood Forests are all about. 

 A book from a short trip to the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. We took six days to explore and photograph the area. It was a great trip with snow falling the last two days to make the photography that much more exciting.

Others include: Saint Marks NWR, Smoky Mountains, Western Landscapes.

You can see an example of each of these works by going to by clicking on the books below.



Big Island 2012




Painted Forest   See a full preview by clicking on the badge below.

Fine Art Photography
By Scott Thompson

Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge 


Western Landscapes 

Arches, Canyonland...
By Scott Thompson


Palette Splendor: The Smoky Mountains and The Swag, A Country Inn

The Swag The Smoky...
By Scott Thompson


The Redwood Forest: Teton and Yellowstone:




                       Astronomy Articles


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The June 2008 article is about Amateur Radio but is included here since it replaced the regular astronomy article. Enjoy!